When it comes time to sell you may feel a little overwhelmed with the many decisions and choices you may need to make. Personal circumstances and market conditions are just a few that you may be contemplating. When is the best time to sell? Should you buy or sell first? What is important to you when choosing a sales consultant to represent you? And these are just a few matters you may be thinking about!

When is the best time to sell Your property?

The best time to sell is when you are ready to sell! Your personal circumstances and motivations and market conditions will impact your decision mostly. Note some benefits of selling at different times of the year…



Many people consider spring to be an ideal time to sell. Perhaps because the garden starts to bloom and many may feel it is a great time to showcase their property. It may also be because people are more out and about and may pop into an open home more readily.



Here is something to remember. During the cooler months you will usually find less properties for sale, thus you will have less competition when you market your home. Using features such as a fireplace or woodstove, light candles and show off warm throws and cosy cushions can invite and entice!



There is no real indication that selling during holiday periods will make a big impact. It is notable that sales volumes tend to peak March along with April and May been strong months traditionally. Some of our record sales have been over long weekends such as labour weekend.

Preparing Your Home for Sale


First impressions count! Buyers are very value conscious and are exceptionally well researched in today’s market place. Buyers often buy with their emotions but will justify with logic. Never underplay the value of appealing to the senses!! Keep your spaces clear of clutter. Allow your home to be presented in such a way that allows a future buyer to see themselves in the space without being distracted by myriads of items left all over the floor and on every surface. Prepare each room for its function eg a bedroom should look like a bedroom (not a store room) A living area should be a place to gather and relax (remove the toys and bicycles)


Have a clear path to the front door. Add some potted colour along the way to give an indication of where to find the entrance. This will allow the buyer immediately to sense value in the property. You will reap dividends by giving attention to this area which is so often neglected.


Ensure that the garden is tidy and lawns mowed. Fix the post box. Make sure that the windows are always clean and sparkly. A light and happy space will lift the senses and allow your buyer to contemplate the many positives they may notice and often this can downplay any negatives. After all no property is perfect, but let’s try and create a sense that it could be!


To appeal to a wide range of buyers it is well known that neutral tones within a home are best. It is important to have a colour palette that allows for a wide range of personal tastes. Thus a classic approach to decorating is more than likely your safest option. Add a wow factor by adding splashes of colour in well-chosen artwork, soft furnishing and some showcase pieces. While you need to have a personality in your home, focus on showcasing the space of each room. Always remember that ‘Less is more’. Home Staging can create achieve great results. Home Stylists will take a look at the space and loan you furniture which is the size and style best suited to your home, which will make the space look bigger, more comfortable and liveable.

Financing Your Marketing

My advice to you is to not compromise on marketing your biggest asset. When it comes to marketing your property, advice to you is to not to be complacent. Preparing your home for sale is very important. Michele will provide you with a creative and customised solution that will meet your budget. We have teamed up with lifestyle finance to help fund the marketing of your property.

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